The 2015 Trade Deadline Just Became Less Interesting

Anyone who had designs of renting Bobby Ryan to aid a deep playoff run next spring will need to start looking elsewhere, as the Senators announced this morning that Ryan will be spending the better part of the next decade in Ottawa, and being paid handsomely ($7.25 million per season) to do it. Continue reading


Breaking down Free Agency’s First Day

So, what do we have? The worst kept secret in hockey is no longer a secret, or kept, or whatever. The Florida Panthers went on another shopping spree for mediocre players that will both get them to the cap floor and keep them in 10th place, while the Capitals went out and bought the Penguins…all the Penguins.

Now we get to go through the rash of “who won/lost?” articles, which is always fun. Nothing like judging performance before it happens. However, there were some head-scratching moments during the day, as well as some shrewdness by GM’s, some who are named Chuck Fletcher, some who weren’t. Let’s take this team-by-team and see how everyone did. Continue reading

Playoff Previews: What You Need to Know about Every Series

The playoffs are upon us, starting tonight, giving me two months of solid nights when I can come in the house and say to my wife “the E! channel is going off, right now, because I gotta watch this Stars-Ducks game” and it just might work. Konopkaesque will be back on Thursday morning with a more detailed look at the Colorado-Minnesota series, but for now here’s a quick gander the other 14 teams engaged in first round series, complete with all of the really important info you need to know. Continue reading

Squeaky Bum Report: Dallas Up, Phoenix Down-ish

In my spare time, which is ample, I do enjoy myself some of the English Premier League.  Several years ago, during a particularly tense run-in to the final weeks of the season, legendary (and recently retired) Scottish windbag manager of Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson, coined the phrase “squeaky bum time” to describe the nerves that were frayed in a tight race. Continue reading