Brodin Gets Extension. Who’s next?

One day after handling the Avalanche again, and with six days until they get a chance to re-take the ice in a live game, the Wild turned to matters of business Sunday morning, locking up one of their long-term pieces until the 2021 season by signing Jonas Brodin to an extension.  Continue reading


The Wild may have the Avalanche on Full Tilt

Reading any Denver paper today, or any Avalanche-themed blog, or any Twitter account remotely connected to the team, you would learn a few things. Avalanche fans, players, and team hack journalists are pissed. Pissed because their darlings were manhandled Thursday in a way no decent NHL team should ever be.* Pissed because their team did nothing to avenge a disappointing playoff loss with even a hollow opening night defeat (hereby known as “pulling a San Jose”). Pissed because Matt Cooke hasn’t been flayed, run through a meat-grinder, and scattered around the continent while his family watches. Yes, that last sentence was harsh, but not nearly as harsh as some of the things said about Cooke on social media by folks within the Silver State since Thursday.  Continue reading

Why the Wild needed Ryan Carter

The Wild are in a unique spot, in terms of the long-running narrative of the team. For years The Wild scrapped around in the NHL trash-bin for offensive talent with which to build a team, with minimal success. Their drafting was spotty at best, and late in the Risebrough era became downright unwatchable. They had no ammunition to pull of trades of any significance, and Minnesota was akin to Calgary in terms of a destination spot for free agents.

That left Wild fans having to watch an inordinate amount of bottom six (or worse, minor league replacement-level) forwards mis-cast as scorers. Jeremy Stevenson on a second line.* 77 fabulous games of Nick Johnson. Antti Miettinen playing on the top unit for multiple years.  I literally woke up one day to watch the Wild playing on national television a few years ago and thought “well, at least Chad Rau is playing today.” True story.  Continue reading

Wild Down to 27* Players

The Wild made several more cuts today,  dropping their roster to 27 players, with a severe catch. Continue reading

The 2015 Trade Deadline Just Became Less Interesting

Anyone who had designs of renting Bobby Ryan to aid a deep playoff run next spring will need to start looking elsewhere, as the Senators announced this morning that Ryan will be spending the better part of the next decade in Ottawa, and being paid handsomely ($7.25 million per season) to do it. Continue reading

And…Corn Maze

The Wild have done everything they can to carve a niche in a tough, crowded sports marketplace, fighting for fan attention and newspaper column inches. When they came into existence, the Viking were in the middle of the Randy Moss/Daunte Culpepper “Get your roll on” era and hadn’t yet a) lost an NFC Title game 41-0 b) had a head coach who scalped his Super Bowl Tickets c) boat partied yet. The Twins were just about to start a decade long rise from near-extinction to title-contender and had not yet squandered the good will of a new ballpark which they fought so hard for with nearly a half-decade of last-place finishes and overall diminishing returns. The Timberwolves were rising behind one of the best players in the NBA, and had not yet offered Latrell Sprewell an “insulting” contract, setting off a chain of events that would implode a promising contender. Continue reading