About Konopkaesque

Greetings all. If you’ve clicked here you might actually care who I am, which makes me feel better about writing this and not feeling vain about the whole exercise. My name is Charlie Beattie, and I am a freelance writer and play-by-play broadcaster who was born in St. Paul, grew up in Afton and attended college at the George Washington University in Washington, DC where I played goalie in an organized roller-hockey league that played all games directly in front of the White House. I currently live in Minneapolis with a wife who tolerates hockey but would leave me for Nino Niederreiter in a heartbeat as well a pure-bred boxer named Bailey who farts a lot. So I’ve got a good thing going.

Konopkaesque was started mid-way through the 2013-14 season partially due to boredom on a Tuesday afternoon, but continued as a labor of inexplicable love towards hockey and the Wild. Enjoy the columns, and feel free to share your thoughts.

Feel free to contact me below, and I promise I’ll be prompt in getting back to you, unless you have negative things to say about Mike Emrick and/or goalies. In that case, you’re dead to me.



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