Wild in for Biznasty?

As the season approaches, a quick glance at the bottom six forward pool for the Wild shows a distinct lack of true toughness and grit. Sure, they have players like Kyle Brodziak, Nino Niederreiter (if and when his contract gets signed) and Matt Cooke, but while all of these players hit, they really aren’t the type of muscle who will deter an opponent from going after someone like Mikael Granlund, Zach Parise, or Minnesota’s new, moderately expensive toy, Thomas Vanek. Beyond that, the fourth-line muscle could be filled out with players like Brett Bulmer, Cody Almond and Brett Sutter, but none of those players are a guarantee to even make the team out of training camp, let alone anchor an energy line.

Enter Paul Bissonette?

For those who are unfamiliar with Bissonette, he has spent the past five seasons mostly with the Phoenix Coyotes after starting his career in Pittsburgh. He has never scored more than eight points in a single season, and has made his living primarily through the “hips and fists” aspect of the game:



Depending on how you feel about “true enforcers” at this point in the NHL, Bissonette would fill somewhat of a need for the Wild. They signed Joel Rechlicz earlier this summer, but Rechlicz has been almost exclusively an AHL player throughout his career, and that seems unlikely to change now.

The added benefit with Bissonette is that he’s also active on social media and fairly hilarious. Here’s his twitter advice to Calgary Flames’ first-round pick Samuel Bennett on what to do with his entry-level contract:

Bissonette and Bennett

And again on the dangers of Subway and seafood:

Bissonette on Subway

Not that it should factor in a decision to sign the man, but the Wild haven’t had this colorful a personality on Twitter since Cal Clutterbuck’s mustache left town.

We’ll see if this rumor has anything behind it, but it certainly passes the smell-test in terms of need.  A space worth watching. And if you are the type to get involved, an organized Twitter lobby may help sway him to St. Paul.


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