Season in Review: Stephane Veilleux

Over the course of the next month, Konopkaesque will review each player who suited up for the Wild this season, with a few exceptions. 1) They had to play at least ten games during the season and/or playoffs (sorry, Brett Bulmer, Carson McMillan and John Curry) and 2) they had to finish the season as part of the organization, which ironically excludes the man for whom this blog is named, among others. 


So, without further blathering, here’s today’s subject:

Stephane Veilleux, LW, Age 32

Remaining contract (per capgeek): 1 year at 587,500 (UFA in 2015)

Statistically Speaking:

Games: 34 (Regular Season) 4 (playoffs)

Goals: 3 (Regular Season) 0 (Playoffs)

Assists: 0 (Regular Season) 0 (Playoffs)

 +/-: -2 (Regular Season) +1 (Playoffs)

PIM: 21 (Regular Season) 4 (Playoffs)

ATOI: 8:26 (Regular Season 7:19) (Playoffs)

What Did He Do?: Well, he was…present. And…he hit a couple of guys…and…I’ve got nothing. Look, there isn’t much I can tell you about Stephane Veilleux that wasn’t true in 2012, or 2005 for that matter. He’s pesky, he scores roughly once every third lunar cycle, and he has that perfect combination of ginger hair/baldness/wispy combover that really just scares the hell out of everyone. And he’s all ours for one more season.

Veilleux’s fourth line-only game will never be electrifying, but it is energetic. He offers no offense, but he is a human cannonball and he plays with about is little regard for his own well being as anyone. To sum him up in one word, he is utterly replaceable. The amazing thing is that the Wild cannot get rid of him (they placed him on waivers three times and assigned him to Iowa five times during the season) and they consistently cannot find someone who fills his role any better than he can.

What to Expect if You’re Expecting: Expect Veilleux to survive until either A) the Wild find someone who can bring his level of energy and (albeit undersized) physicality every night or B) his contract runs out next season. There are several candidates at the minor league level that could end up supplanting Veilleux (Brett Bulmer seems the obvious answer, but cases could be made for Jason Zucker, Kurtis Gabriel and several others). In the meantime, Veilleux is around, and will still be around when training camp opens.

Trade Prospects?:  Given that on three separate occasions last season the Wild offered him to the entire league for nothing and received no bites…well, you see where this is going.

Season Highlight: Veilleux scores the second of two goals in ten seconds against Winnipeg in December:


Yeah, that’s wasn’t the best highlight. To make it up to you, here’s Veilleux taking on Andy Roddick in tennis while with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2010. Bonus points for being interviewed by Zenon Konopka (sigh) after the “match.” Also mentioned or appearing: Kurtis Foster and Todd Fedoruk. This video is pretty much a who’s who of “remember that guy?” Wild players in ten years:


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