Domination Without Domination

Only the Wild.

Only the Wild can out-shoot, out-muscle, out-hit, out-skate  and out everything an opponent, and still need an Alamo-stand (death free) at the end of the game to hold on to a narrow win. Continue reading


Matt Cooke is Now Begging Us to Believe Him and Other Links

Matt Cooke’s statement to the media about his suspension.

Sigh. Continue reading

Game 3: Everyone Goes Beast Mode

First of all, apologies for not posting after game 2 (I know the world was waiting with rapidly dwindling patience). I was busy reffing flip cup at a charity tournament for breast cancer, which is actually a totally true sentence from start to finish, so after watching the game on Saturday night I was too gassed to write anything. Anyway, here’s what my recap of game 2 would have been:

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Three Things: Game 1

It’s just one game. It was a missed opportunity. Long series ahead, just need to steal one on the road. The Wild have absolutely no answer for Nathan MacKinnon. The Wild could play like that and win nine times out of ten. The Wild could play like that and get blown out nine times out of ten. Continue reading

An Avalanche is Coming: Colorado Series Preview

The Wild are in the playoffs for the fifth time. Their first round opponent, for the third time (because to hell with variety), will be the Colorado Avalanche. If it feels like we do this every four or five (or six, whatever) years, you aren’t losing your mind. The Wild enter the series as the underdog, but the good news is that the underdog won both series the first time these teams met. Of course, those series happened so long ago, they have absolutely no bearing on the present.¬† That being said, let’s take a look at the history first. Continue reading

Playoff Previews: What You Need to Know about Every Series

The playoffs are upon us, starting tonight, giving me two months of solid nights when I can come in the house and say to my wife “the E! channel is going off, right now, because I gotta watch this Stars-Ducks game” and it just might work. Konopkaesque will be back on Thursday morning with a more detailed look at the Colorado-Minnesota series, but for now here’s a quick gander the other 14 teams engaged in first round series, complete with all of the really important info you need to know. Continue reading