James Reimer’s Agent and the Art of Bad Timing

Or idiocy, we may never know.

What we do know, is that there is a doins a transpirin’ in Toronto…for a change. 

After Toronto’s 3-2 loss to Detroit on Tuesday night, Randy Carlyle decided that Reimer was “just ok.” Reimer disagreed, saying he thought he was good. At this point, we could all look at this story and say that there was a difference of opinion, proceeding to get on with our fun, carefree lifestyles. Of course, that’s when Reimer’s agent, Ray Petkau, decided to get in on the act by tweeting the following:

Ray Petkau Tweet

Petkau later tweeted that he hadn’t seen the press conferences when he sent the first tweet, and judging by the 7:35 (CDT) timestamp, he’s likely telling the truth. However, it’s still an idiotic piece of representation to pit your client against a city, especially when that city is Toronto.

Carlyle doesn’t come out of this any better. The Leafs’ coach needs Reimer hold the fort While Jonathan Bernier recovers from his groin strain injury. The Leafs are currently the East’s top Wild Card, but are just four points ahead of Washington and five points ahead of Detroit, who also have two games in hand. Groin injuries are tricky, so Reimer may need to hold things down for a few weeks, unless Carlyle wants to turn to Drew McIntyre, which…forget it. He doesn’t.

Carlyle has every right to feel however he wants about Reimer’s play, but if he wants to criticize him, he may want to do it behind closed doors. Isn’t that what a locker room is for?

Of course, Carlyle may have been right. Reimer mixed awkward with brilliant last night, so “just ok” may have been the right call (see the video to judge for yourself).


Just keep it to yourself, boys. You know how people love to gossip.


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