Darryl Reaugh, You Magnificent Bastard

If you aren’t familiar with Darryl Reaugh, he’s a former NHL goalie cum color man for the Dallas Stars. He may also be truly insane. This is his honest-to-god headshot picture:

Pictured: Winning

Pictured: Winning

Along with Ralph Strangis, he forms one half of the league’s most fun and certainly most irreverent broadcasting team. For instance they have their own blooper reel, which is more than worth watching.

Reaugh, for his part, may have the most creative vocabulary in all of broadcasting, and is unafraid to mix in terms like “salubrious,” “securitize the pill” and “stickhandle through the raindrops” into his analysis of the game. Last night, me may have come up with the oddest thing ever said during a sportscast, and it was pure Razor-gold:


I have so many questions. First of all, what?

2. Again, what?

3. Seriously, what?

Lost in all this, and certainly overshadowed forever, is that Jamie Benn’s goal was probably the best one you’ll see all week. Poor Jamie, his on-ice exploits forever backseat to a man in a three-piece suit.


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